Installing Kodi on the Amazon Fire Stick

Hi Guys, in the post I will talk you through installing and setting up Kodi on the Amazon Fire stick step by step, a more detailed page for this will be uploaded at some point in the near future, this will include images to make installing it so much easier.

So lets go, firstly you need your amazon fire stick to be plugged in and turned on, I then need you to go to “Settings > System > about > Network > and your IP address will be on the right hand side, you will need this to install it so right this down.

Then, you will need to go to Settings > System > Developer options > and then turn on ADB debugging and Apps from unknown sources.

Once you have done that I need you to download ADB Fire on either a laptop or computer. Here is the link, scroll down and select the Operating system you would like to install it on, and the download will start. (There is an android app called Fire Installer that works but not as well as ADB Fire).

Once this has downloaded, unzip the folder.

Then go to > go to Downloads and install the android version of Kodi, it will say ARM – 86 underneath the icon.

Open ADB fire from the folder you unzipped and click “Set up Device” and type the IP address for your Fire stick into the appropriate box.

Click Okay, then you will need to click “Install APK” and find the Kodi.apk file you downloaded and the install will start, you will see the progress in the bottom right hand corner, once finished.

Go back to your Fire Stick, and go to settings > applications > Manage installed applications and find Kodi, and click launch.

Once this is open you need to set up Kodi, so, go a long to settings and click File Manager, then click add source and in the box marked <None>, type and click done. Then name it.

Go back to the home of kodi, and click into settings this time and go to Add-on’s and click install from Zip file, click on Fusion, or whatever you have named it, and go to the folder called XBMC – start here, and install HUBwizard or something along those lines.

Then go back to the home of Kodi again and go to programs, then click program addon’s again and click on the HUB wizard, and then you want to click the option to set up for the Amazon Fire TV.

This has now installed a number of platforms under music and video add-on’s, this is Kodi ready to be used.

Sorry if this isn’t helpful enough, I will be uploading a more detailed one at some point.



Amazon Fire Stick – My Review

Introduction, Design and Setup

I was so impressed with the Amazon Fire Stick from the moment I opened the box. It sounds silly but even how neatly everything fit into the box excited me! Also what I love is that you can tell what you can use on the device just by looking at the box, you don’t have to research for what you can access straight after the set up, you know what you’re getting with the Amazon Fire Stick, and I love it!The device is brilliant, because, it means that you don’t have to go out and buy a smart TV for a few hundred quid! This turns your TV into a smart TV! I love that it allows you too, install apps, games and you can access Amazon Prime!

It started off as products like Roku 3 and Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV, the huge set top boxes, that were used for control of a TV, but then came Google’s ChromeCast, a mouse in size compared to the 3 set top boxes which was good, but there was very little you could do with this, I love the ChromeCast at first, but when I noticed this little beauty I totally changed my mind!

The set up of the device is effortless to set up too, although if you do need them (although I doubt anyone ever will) it does come with a small instruction manual.

All that I would say about the device set up is that you do need an Amazon account, which I totally understand as it’s obviously an Amazon device… Duhhhh… If you ordered Fire Stick from Amazon with your account then the device will already be registered to your account.

If not then you will be required to log in to your account/create an account, you can create an Amazon account straight from the device, but although the remote is an amazing asset to the device, it just takes so much longer to type than it would on a laptop, so if you do need to create and account I do recommend creating it on a laptop/PC first to speed up the process.

I would say that the Amazon Fire stick is very nearly perfect, and at £35 you really can’t go wrong, its only £5 more than the ChromeCast, and £15 less than the Roku Streaming stick, all I can really say is that, it does cater more to Amazon Prime customers, so if you’re like me, not a Prime customer, you do feel like you’re not getting the most out of it, as all over the screen it is mostly aimed at Prime customers, with Movies and TV shows etc…

I wouldn’t let this put you off though as you can still buy or rent movies, also just because you have bought the stick Amazon give you a choice to subscribe to a 30 day free trial for Amazon Prime. At the end of the trial you can choose whether to carry on with the service for a price, or choose not to commit.
Apps and More
With the device you can can install a huge variety of apps straight from your TV, apps such as Netflix, Spotify Connect, TuneIn radio and so many more! If what the device offers you isn’t enough for you, you can also install .APK apps to it as it is an android device.
I installed Kodi onto the Amazon Fire Stick by reading online and I must say it is so simple, I will post a guide up once later on, if you don’t know what Kodi is, it is basically a home media server, you can add stuff like Crackler and Genesis which is packed full of Movies and TV shows, which just adds to how much you can do with the Stick!
You can also mirror the device with your phone, which can allow you to play videos etc… straight from your phone to your TV, another brilliant feature.
Another brilliant feature if you have kids, is that you can lock it with a code, this is good because when setting you the device, you have to put your debit/credit card details and I know that if I had kids I wouldn’t want them messing about with things that cost money!
The Remote
This is just a short sections of the review, because lets be honest, it’s just a remote.
It may sound like such a small feature, but it makes things so easy to do!
The Remote allows you to browse the whole of the device. control apps and play games.
You can also get a game controller to make your gaming experience so much better!
Navigation, and other Features
Navigating through the device couldn’t be easier, with it’s super fast speed it couldn’t be faster either!
On the home menu accessed with the home button at any time, you have a side bar on the left hand side as seen above, with options such as search to search the whole of the device with ease, Home, Movies, Apps, Games and more.
My Opinion
Right here it is, my overall opinion, I have 3 words, I love it! Now, if you’re judging it by real critics, they may say that the Chrome Cast is the best TV streaming device, but I think that is purely because the Chromecast is £5 cheaper than the Amazon Fire Stick!
There is just so much more to do with the Amazon Fire Stick and you don’t have to worry about how many devices are connected to the same wireless network as long as it’s not a lot! I mean with the chromecast, if the Wifi can’t handle you playing a movie on Netflix and streaming it to the Chromecast it will constantly buffer, this extremely dims the experience. Where as on the Fire Stick, Netflix is on the device only depends on the connection to the internet on the device itself!
So, if I was to choose either the Google Chromecast or the Amazon Fire Stick I would definitely pick the Amazon Fire Stick, and I would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking!